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My Methodology

Most of what I teach from comes from the book, A Course In Miracles, which I have been working with full passion for the past 15 years.  I have been clear that my happiness and life working depends on imbibing the exercises and practices of this book.   


My teaching has a spiritual subtly to it, and from time to time I will refer to God.  Personally, you can’t get free of your pain or addictions, which we all have of some sort without embarking on a committed spiritual journey.  It has taken me a while to get real about this truth and have the courage to share this.  I am not in your face about God, but it will come up.  If it makes you uncomfortable, I invite being with that and not fighting it, be part of your training.  Being able to be with things we don’t agree with, and breaking our habit of just reacting, is a main goal of the work I do.


I also share some love skills, listening, getting calm and choosing peace, being clear about what you are committed to and what you are creating, making requests or expressing yourself straight.


It took me a long time to realize these were “my” weaknesses or victim “point of view”, rather than blaming others for my discomfort.


I desperately wanted to be in a great relationship, it was the only thing that mattered to me.  I couldn’t get past three months in an intimate relationship.  Each of these relationships was filled with emotions that were flamed by sex and the breakups were agonizing.


Exhausted with my people problems, I turned my Wall Street job in 1997 into my relationship laboratory.  When an email got me angry, I put my finger on, “what exactly triggered me?”   When someone annoyed me, again, I would put my finger on what triggered me.   I kept a list of all these behaviors I didn’t like.  With this heightened awareness of “annoying behaviors,” I began to realize I did all of these behaviors to others.  Maybe in some cases not as extreme, maybe in some I only “thought” something similar to what was said, or I said it more politely, but I did it all.


I have learned an entirely new way to look at relationships, particularly romantic relationships, for healing.  I have been on this journey, transforming my upsets with a level of commitment that is not matched by many.   You will know this from speaking to me, I bring fresh perspectives that sing to your soul as true.  I share my stories and struggles freely.