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All emotional chaos comes from our thinking.

1.) GROUP COACHING – Transforming How We Love & Think  

PROMISES OF PROGRAM – You will begin looking at relationships differently, you will become conscious about what you are thinking and your reactions, you will discover how to relinquish control, your faith in love and goodness will increase, you will become a better communicator with others.  You will step out of a victim mentality.    Your pain and drama in life will decrease.  You will experience more peace and power.

IDEAL AUDIENCE – People in a reactive relationship, when you can’t stop arguing OR people who have a hard time being in a committed relationship OR People who have a difficult time developing new relationships.   You are likely sensitive, open-minded and can hear feedback.

This is a weekly 1 hour duration, exercises, and daily reminders to keep you focused, partner assigned in group to practice exercises with and keep each other accountable.   It is an 8 week program.  $90 per participant.  It will be limited to 8 participants in the first pilot program.  Starting date:   Tuesday August 18th, 7-8 PM.    If you have challenges, you can

HOW IT WORKS:  There will be a weekly theme, which will get clarified as we discover what best suits the group each week.  Before starting the program, you will be given a worksheet, that is a snapshot of where you are currently in things like:  your main life relationships, your judgements of others in them, what you don’t like in your life currently, what thoughts consume you throughout your day mostly.   You will refer to this sheet with each weeks topics.  You will be assigned a partner in the group, which will get switched half way through the program.   Group coaching offers a benefit of learning from each other and having the opportunity to practice and share what you are learning with new people.   It is also easier to hear coaching for yourself when it isn’t directed at you, you are listening to it through someone else’s sharing.

What is Love Discussion?  

Managing Our Thoughts & Emotions

Changing the goal of relationships to healing

Shifting Negative Sentiment – Committing to not allowing negative sentiment to take root

Communicating – Intentional Talking & Listening

Giving up Judgements, Reactions.  Experiencing Oneness

Getting Past Upsets – Creating Repair Strategies


This is for those struggling with a particular upset, that is having a difficult time letting it go or seeing it differently. Or you want a little bit more focus than just the group coaching.  

 This can also be used for private group coaching with your family, for those who have already worked with me in group coaching or in privates and your thinking is in line with mine.   $50  hr

3. Organization

For clients that I am working with and we have an established relationship of trust, I offer organization assistance as my time allows. I have a gift in assisting others who are stuck in overwhelm or disorganization to facilitate getting things moving, it is our combined energy that gives momentum and allows us to make a large dent in whatever you are dealing with.   I see organization as a healing modality, challenging you on what you are keeping and why, freeing you up of the past to allow the true amazing you to shine.


For my established clients who want a break we can create a one day or multi-day retreat at or near my home in the Catskill mountains of NY. Something magical happens when we allow ourselves to connect with someone.